How does it work?
1. Learn about the 3 themes for Statenkwartier Begroot

The municipality provides a budget of € 30.000,- to improve the neighbourhood on three themes: Sport, games and social cohesion, On the street and Green and sustainability

2. Submit a plan and start your campaign

It is no longer possible to submit your plan for the Statenkwartier. Plans which received more than 25 likes will go on to the next round.

3. Feasibility check by the Municipality of The Hague

If your plan received 25 likes by October 11 it will be checked on feasibility by the municipality and the residents organization.

4. Divide € 30.000,- between feasible plans

Residents of Statenkwartier spread the budget over their favourite plans and therefore decide which plans will be executed.


  • Your plan contributes to one of the following themes:
    • Sport, games and social cohesion
    • On the street
    • Green and sustainability
  • The maximum estimated budget for your plan is €30.000,-. Plans that exceed this budget limit, will be categorized as unfeasible. The budget may be divided between multiple plans, with a maximum budget of € 30.000,- in total. Therefore, you are also welcome to submit a smaller plan with less budget.
  • Your plan is either relevant for a specific location in Statenkwartier or for the entire district. Residents of Statenkwartier benefit from your plan.
  • Your plan is feasible to execute within 12 months.
  • Anyone can submit a plan: residents, cooperation’s and social entrepreneurs, located in or outside the Statenkwartier.
  • Only plans that receive a minimum of 25 likes are selected for the second round and are eligible for a feasibility check by the municipality.
  • Your plan takes into account statutory regulation and local policy. The municipality checks the feasibility of your plan. This may result in consequences for your plan and the municipality may advise you to adjust your plan.
  • Residents of the Statenkwartier divide the budget over the feasible plans and therefore decide which plans will be executed.
  • Residents execute the plan together. The municipality facilitates if necessary.

Join us!

The website is in Dutch, but we want everyone to be able to participate!

Any other questions? Contact us via statenkwartierbegroot@denhaag.nl


4 September - 4 October

Submit plans

4 September - 11 October

Campaign and like plans

14 October - 15 November

Feasibility check by municipality

15 November

Publication feasible plans

15 November - 13 December

Residents of Statenkwartier budget € 30.000,-

21 December

Winners announced

6 January 2020 - 5 January 2021

Implementation plans

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